Sunday, February 5, 2012

Remembering Matt

Last summer I took a drive to Kirkland, Arizona. I was given the pleasure of being invited to the Viterbo ranch, one of the most beautiful ranches I have ever seen. 

I met a young man named Eddy, who took me back to the days of my youth and memories of my good friend Matt. The two are complete carbon copies of each other. Matt and I first met in kindergarten and lost track of each other around age 15. We shared a love for horses and rode together often. Matt would even come out to my house to pick up me and my horse for horse shows. There was such joy, laughter and silliness between us at shows its amazing that we placed high in our events and got ribbons for being total goofballs. 

My attention span jumped like static as I looked through my lens. My eyes were delusive as I focused in on Eddy. I kept envisioning Matt in my mind and now standing before me for the first time in 25 years; his animated voice and belly laugh echoed through my mind. My imagination stirred with nostalgic short films of times we spent together. 

I photographed Eddy with his three horses Chocolate, Fancy and Frosty for five hours on that warm day. I didn’t want it to end. I imprisoned my emotions and yearning to be close to Eddy and the illusion of being close to Matt again. I now have a library of images sprinkled with sweet reflections of a dear friend.

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