Monday, January 30, 2012

My Drive to Work

Everyday when I drive to the sanctuary and on my way home, I take in the landscape like a deep breath of fresh air. I study the view looking for photo opp’s, dreaming out compositions in my mind and patiently waiting for just the right light, skyscapes and clouds to develop. 

The valleys are golden with antelope, black angus cows and deer. They look like freckles sprinkled through the hillside. I wish I had a stronger lens to capture the details of their beauty. 

The driveway to the sanctuary is a mile long and filled with critters. I drive by the sheep and straight out are the horses that call the sanctuary home.

Theres no mail delivery where I live. Its too rural and roads have a speed limit of 70mph. I stop to pick up my mail at the post office on my way home. One day I ran into a well known local named Henry with his dog Puck; they go everywhere together on Henry’s four wheeler. Doesn’t every small town have local a legend like this?

I enjoy reflecting on the day filled with the gratitude I have for being in Montana, while scoping out the skies for sunset shots on my way home.

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