Friday, February 24, 2012

My Boy Coy

The work week came to a slow stop Saturday afternoon. At last, my homework was done, the evening was all mine and I was finally alone. For the first time in two weeks I picked up my lens and headed out the door to catch the best light of the evening. 

I manage to snake my way through all the gates of the corrals, before opening the big gate on the cobble stone fence line that separates the mustangs from the domestic geldings. Its so dry out here in California, the grass is a flaxen gold color where it once was green. The paprika colored dirt kicked up from boots hangs in the air like fine powder. 

I bonded with six stallions of all ages and colors. They approach me, they smell me and nuzzle my hair! But the ultimate acceptance for me is the request of my breath. I blow my warm breath to their nostrils as they inhale deep. The Native Americans did this with their horses to show them partnership. I lovingly gave them nicknames based on their personality and their looks.  

One young roan (color) stallion, around three years old, courted me. He slowly sniffed my footsteps and zig zagged toward me. He was to timid to come in for a closer look, but walked on by. I held his gaze and talked to him the entire time. I decided to call him Coy because of the way he courted me.

Coy runs with band of two bachelors, he is too young and inexperienced to have a herd mares for himself. I call the bachelors Buck and Antonio; they weren’t afraid of me, in fact they seemed to welcome me with their perked ears. 

I embraced the moment like deep breath in of fresh mountain air after a rain and etched the details in my memory as I hiked through the sanctuary hills. In the distance I could here the soft rustle of leaves and occasional crack of a branch. I stood with camera aimed towards the sound when out came a Palomino bachelor following the sunset. 

I couldn’t resist a shot of this Paint with the setting sunbeams that looked like a laser fence.

A perfect evening that will stay with me for years to come. 

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  1. Those are some beautiful shots! I love the last the one the most - mainly because I'm a huge lover of pintos and paints.