Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mouths to Feed

I was asked by two ranch hands, Dan and Walter, to do a photo shoot of feeding sanctuary mustangs in a snow storm. How could I resist! 

 Pre-Snow Picture courtesy of Walter Westberg

The picture above shows the majority of hay the sanctuary will feed over the winter months. Because winter can be so unpredictable, its not unusual to run out of hay before spring.

The sanctuary feeds hay to 300+ horses no matter how biting the weather is. Here's a look at feeding in a blizzard.

The sanctuary purchased a new grader this year for the ranch hands to use. Having a grader enables them to plow their way out to the mustangs with hay no matter how pounded with snow the winter months may be.

Dan plowed a path out to the horses and Walter followed behind with a load of 11 hay bales. 

The average hay consumption is 30 bales a week. The bales weigh 1200 pounds each- that's 36,000 pounds of hay!

The price of hay continues to skyrocket annually. This round’s price tag is $125.00 a bale, thats $3750.00 a week during the winter months. 

All Sanctuaries and rescue operations rely on donations to feed their horses and other animals that have been rescued. 

If you would like to help feed the horses, Click here for Montana Horse Sanctuary's Donate Page

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