Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Saddest Goodbye

I have put off writing this entry since February. My deep sadness wouldn’t let me speak, but now its time.

In my entry titled “Inspired by Simone,” I briefly mentioned an animal cruelty case the Montana Horse Sanctuary assisted the Sheriff with. These eight horses lived together for years, enduring endless hardships at the hand of Lisa Cano. This was her second offense with animal cruelty.

Horses have a deep sense of family bonds in their herds. They love each other just like you and I love our family, and these eight horses cared for each other; all they had was each other. Once seized, and rehabilitated their bonds would soon be broken. 
10/26/11 Intake photo. Jane Heath, Executive Director of Montana Horse Sanctuary, and Annie. She was so malnourished that she couldn't produce milk for her baby.

One of the mares, Annie, had a superb bloodline in racing. Bloodlines mean more in breeding and horse racing than the welfare of the horse. Horses like Annie are continually bred back to back for their profitable offspring. When the offspring doesn’t win enough money/races, off to slaughter they go. Many race horses are slaughtered before the age of five.

Annie came to the sanctuary with her little colt named Auggie. He was so tiny and malnourished, but sweet as can be. 

11/01/11 Auggie and Annie

Over nearly six months, I watched him change. He gained strength, romping and playing and his curiosity was sweet. During this time the animal cruelty case against Cano was being built, and just when everything seemed to be going in favor of the horses, a bomb was dropped. Apparently Cano had signed over ownership of Annie and Auggie to a man days before the seize; and the man was adamant about getting Annie and Auggie back, even though the horses were not fully rehabilitated.

12/19/12 Annie and Auggie

It was like a sucker punch in the gut that took my breath away with the blow of the news, Annie and Auggie were to be returned to this man, a breeder who knew that Cano wasn’t taking care of the horses. Again, the big issue was money and bloodlines. 

01/22/12 Auggie's first taste of snow. He licked that for half hour!

Everyone at the sanctuary was devastated. I cried off and on for days, even now the salt hits my face thinking about Annie and Auggie. Where is the justice? 

I will never forget the soft nose kisses Auggie gave me daily. I pray that Annie and Auggie will be alright, but my inner self tells me otherwise. 

I miss them so much.

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