Friday, May 4, 2012


I first met Honey in 2009. She was born in the wild of the Black Hills, a descendant of Don Juan Sulphur and Sulphur de Ore, with Spanish bloodlines that date back to the 1300‘s, long before the Spanish Conquistadors came to Mexico. 

Sulphur de Ore, Honey's dam

Don Juan Sulphur, Honey's sire

I always saw Honey standing in the back of the herd or off to the side, but I never witnessed any of her herd-mates pushing her back or away from herd. She always had this sweet inquisitive look on her face, like she wanted to come closer but was just too shy. 

Honey’s coloring is yellow dun with a bi-colored mane, dorsal stripe, and zebra stripes on all four legs; all characteristics unique to Spanish mustangs. She was born with black tipped ears too, another Spanish trait, but shortly after her birth the winter was so cold that her ears were frost bitten and the black tips fell off.

I respected her space. I liked talking to her and I think she liked it too. I could see it in her eyes. I decided to call her Honey for her coloring and sweet disposition.

In 2010 I entered my first photo contest ever. It was an international photo contest through the Equine Photographers Network. I chose a picture of Honey taken on a cold December morning. I received an honorable mention award in the category of “Head Study.” 

But the real prize was captured within the photo its self. I was photographing her and talking to her (like always), telling her how beautiful she is. She nickered back to me and I caught it in my shot. You can see the expression of her nicker on her nose. Its a present just for me, and I will cherish it for all of my days

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