Monday, April 9, 2012

Its All in the Details

I have been a member of the Equine Photographers Network (EPNET), an international community of equine (horse) photographers, for three years. 

EPNET provides “... numerous membership benefits including access to private forums and discussion groups, photo sharing, workshops, retreats, business resources and much more. The EPNet is ranked highly in the search engines, receives strong, relevant traffic and is listed on most of the major horse related websites.”

One thing I really enjoy about my membership is the monthly assignments/themes. The assignments are for fun and anyone in the network can participate and vote on the a pictures submitted. This month’s assignment is “details.” According to EPNET detail shots are “Close up detail studies of the horse: eyes, body parts, horse related gear and equipment also qualifies.”

Here are some of my detail shots. 

Upside Down Heart on a Quarter Horse Stallion

Zebra Striped Legs Spanish Mustang Mare

Dorsal Strip and Bicolored Tail Spanish Mustang Bachelor

Cold Wet Day Spanish Mustang Mare

Bicolored Mane Spanish Mustang Mare

Tail Accent Bachelor Mustang

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